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GMT Stands for “Gur Kaur Memorial Trust”and that with the humble and hones inalienable as well as irressistible maternal admirable esteem is considerably initiated to fulfill the cherished desire of a God-loving, simple, aspiring soul, bearing a great concern and fond love for the grand children. The very pious spirit of the simple – hearted, dedicated and devotional esteemed soul “Sardarni Gur Kaur Thind” is the inspiration and the back bone of this project which is pulsating with innocent smiles and stretching endlessly.

Education has assisted the world to develop at a phenomenon pace. The world is moving very fast and people have little time for each other. Man has become extremely covetous and greedy. In these times of avariciousness, selfishness, deceit, corruption, intolerance, terrorism, riots, greed and cut – throat competition we need to ponder, search our hearts and introspect, as to whether we can proudly call our children “well educated”. We are fast forgetting the moral and spiritual part of development. Schools rarely have a program related to the teaching of “being good” as opposed to “being successful”. We sure are succeeding in producing rich and “successful” human beings. Our traditional
teaching institutions (home, school and society) are failing misreably in producing ‘good’ human beings.


S. Jasbir Singh Thind